Starbucks opens fifth Community Store ‘Kyungdong 1960’ to support the local community

Rejuvenating the traditional marketplace through reimagination, connecting the past to the present

Today, Starbucks Korea announced the opening of its fifth Community Store ‘Kyungdong 1960’ on December 16th, dedicated towards revitalizing and restoring the long-standing heritage of the Kyundong Market, alongside the local community of the marketplace.

As part of Starbucks Korea’s ongoing commitment to strengthen communities through the expansion of the Community Store program, the Starbucks Korea ‘Kyungdong 1960’ Community Store will donate 300 Korean won (approximately 25 cents USD) for every item sold at the Community Store to the Korean Commissions for Corporate Partnership (KCCP) to revive and refurbish the infrastructure of the Kyundong old market. The company will also host community gatherings and support various activities, creating a welcoming space for the local community to connect.

“This store not only stands for mutual growth with the local community but also a much-cherished meeting place for the locals,” said Jeonghyun Sohn, ceo of Starbucks Korea. “We hope to create meaningful occasions for customers of all generations and contribute to revitalizing the traditional marketplace.”

The new store pays tribute to the old Kyungdong Theater, originally built in the 1960’s, that has been lost since its closure in 1994. Previously, a beloved location as a community hub , Starbucks Korea pays homage by preserving the architect and existing materials of the old theater, modified with a touch of retro and modern design elements, bringing together the nostalgic ambience of 1960s and the signature Starbucks coffee experience.

The beautiful store spans two floors (third and fourth floors of Kyungdong Market) and 805 square meters with 143 seats. The double-doored entrance, which was preserved from the original structure, leads to the center of the store with the bar serving as the main stage. With seats in rows facing forward, customers can enjoy the view of the bar as if enjoying a performance in a theater. There will be regular cultural and musical performances by local artists in the store, providing a unique Starbucks experience for customers.

To commemorate the opening of its fifth Community Store, Starbucks Korea will sign a cooperative-coexistence agreement with the Korean Commissions for Corporate Partnership (KCCP), the Kyungdong Market Merchants Association, and KD Market on December 15.

Since opening its first store in 1999, Starbucks Korea has opened more than 1,750 stores across 78 cities nationwide, with more than 21,000 partners now proudly wearing the green apron. Starbucks Korea opened its first Community Store in 2014, which supports lifelong skills development for youth through the Starbucks Comprehensive Youth Leadership Program. Today, Starbucks Korea operates 5 Community Stores in the market, supporting local communities.

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