Starbucks Korea opens new store in historic wooden building

On October 20, Starbucks Coffee Korea opened the new Daegu Jongro Gotaek store in a century-old hanok, a traditional Korean home. Built in 1919, the structure has been restored and reinterpreted as a space where coffee blends with the traditions and more than 100 years of history of the central commercial area of Daegu, South Korea.

The original décor of the hanok was preserved as much as possible, including roof tiles, beams and flooring, while bringing together a modern Starbucks experience. Honoring Daegu's heritage as the birthplace of classical music appreciation rooms in Korea and a city of culture and art, Starbucks collaborated with Bang & Olufsen, a global premium audio brand, to build a space to listen and enjoy music from the design stage of the store. Connecting the past and present through music, customers can experience high-quality music anywhere in the store.

The space is divided into two interior areas and an outdoor garden: a traditional century-old atmosphere with a view of the tranquil outdoor garden, as well as a modern area consisting of a coffee bar for beverages, with a total of 120 seats.

In addition, there is a separate music listening area in the corner of the store where customers can enjoy high-quality music with coffee. In the music listening area, a fully automatic turntable is also displayed to add to the ambience of the space. High-quality speakers installed throughout the store provides a special music experience that can only be felt at Daegu Jongro Gotaek store.