Starbucks Indonesia opens first Signing Store

The store in Jakarta is the company’s 17th Signing Store globally creating equal opportunities for the local Deaf and hard of hearing community

Tomorrow, Starbucks Indonesia will open its first Signing Store dedicated to the Deaf, hard of hearing, and sign language communities in Jakarta, Indonesia. Designed with inclusivity and accessibility at its core, customers at the Starbucks Tata Puri Community Store will be served by Deaf and hard of hearing baristas who proudly wear the green apron. The store is located on Jl. Tanjung Karang No.3 Kebon Melati in Central Jakarta.

Creating Equal Opportunities and an Inclusive Customer Experience

The Starbucks Tata Puri Community Store provides a third place where all customers, including the Deaf and hard of hearing community can gather, socialize, and nurture human connections. Deaf baristas will wear green aprons with the company’s name, Starbucks, embroidered in sign language. Partners (employees) who can use Bisindo sign language will wear an “I Sign” pin. Customers also will be able order beverages and food using a writing tablet.

Starbucks Signing Store created equal opportunities and an inclusive customer experience

The store also offers a community area for members of the Deaf community to support and conduct programs from Gerkatin (Gerakan untuk Kesejahteraan Tunarungu Indonesia) and Pusbisindo (Pusat Bahasa Isyarat Indonesia) – two organizations Starbucks has partnered with in Indonesia to support sign language education for the broader community. To encourage a culture of human connections through the celebration of Deaf culture and sign language, the store will also host sign language lessons and coffee workshops in sign language.

The First Signing Store in Indonesia

"The inauguration of the Signing Store is a major achievement for Starbucks Indonesia as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in the market,” said Anthony McEvoy, leader of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, Starbucks licensee partner in Indonesia. "The Signing Store demonstrates our commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment, and to widening access to all communities.”

Starbucks Indonesia Signing Store Team

“We were delighted to see the enthusiasm from the Deaf and hard of hearing community when we opened applications. More than 150 people applied from across the country. The baristas who have been selected are a diverse group, including a former swimming para-athlete and fashion models,” said Anastasia Dwiyani, senior general manager of Human Capital at PT Sari Coffee Indonesia. “As with all our partners, we are excited to help nurture their talent and advance career opportunities.”

The Spirit of the Deaf Community Decorates All Corners of the Store

United by the culture of sign language, this store is filled with design elements that bring communities together. The signature siren logo with Bisindo is immediately visible as customers pass the busy main road, Sudirman Street. With the Starbucks® logo with Bisindo above the main door, customers are greeted by a mural wall as soon as they enter the store and a collection of exclusive merchandise - clear cup tumblers, stainless-steel tumblers and mugs. The elongated oval shape community table, and circle details on the floor, also symbolize the store that unites the community. The most notable feature is a 4m high mural painting by Deaf artist, Indira Natalia, which extends more than 11m outside the store, depicting the warm and welcoming Starbucks experience. The signature artwork can be seen by passersby in the street.

 “Inclusion & Diversity Community Spirit” mural by Deaf artist, Indira Natalia

“As a Deaf artist, I am so proud to share my art with customers and partners at Indonesia’s first Signing Store. While brainstorming, I realized that Starbucks has always strived to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and belongs – and the inspiration for my work came from that, by presenting many different figures (communities) united by sign language and Starbucks,” says Indira. “Art can break boundaries and unite people, just like the connection people share when they drink coffee. There are many ways to communicate and connect people from diverse backgrounds, and at Starbucks, coffee makes this happen.”

Since opening its first store in Plaza Indonesia 20 years ago, Starbucks has expanded to 44 cities in Indonesia, with more than 4,300 partners now proudly wearing the green apron. In its mission to make a difference in the lives of those connected with Starbucks, the company strives to create a positive impact in the communities it serves. In 2020, Starbucks opened the first Community Store in the Tanah Abang neighborhood of Jakarta, to create educational opportunities for youth in Tanah Abang.

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