Starbucks takes action to reduce waste in Japan

In support of Starbucks goal to reduce waste sent to landfill from stores and direct operations by 50% by 2030, the company is shifting away from single-use plastics, promoting reusability and championing the use of recycled content, driven by a broader shift towards a circular economy.   

This month, Starbucks announces new and expanded programs rolling out at stores across Japan to promote reusability while providing customers with the care and convenience they expect from Starbucks.

Reducing single-use cups

Customers spending time in the cafe will be able to enjoy iced beverages in new resin glasses, enjoying the beauty of their favorite Starbucks beverage while reducing single-use cup waste. Starbucks also serves hot beverages in mugs and continues to encourage customers to bring their personal tumblers for a 20-yen discount. This new initiative adds more ways for customers to opts for reusables and help reduce single-use cups.

In addition, Starbucks will expand its reusable Borrow A Cup program to eight stores in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, following the initial launch of the pilot in the Marunouchi area last summer. To help make reusables convenient for customers, Starbucks is testing multiple reusable programs and operating models around the world, including South Korea, Singapore and London.

New cutlery and optional lids

When customers enjoy food from Starbucks stores in Japan, they will have more options when dining in or taking out. Starting in March, stores across Japan will offer customers reusable stainless steel cutlery when dining in stores, or new biodegradable cutlery for to-go orders. Customers enjoying iced beverages will also be able to choose whether they need a lid, further reducing the amount of single-use plastic in stores.

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Coffee, Art and Glamour – Tata Starbucks exclusive collaboration with Manish Malhotra