Starbucks Korea’s cherry blossom collection is pretty in pink

Spring is in full bloom at Starbucks stores across South Korea. For a limited time starting March 15, customers can enjoy delicious seasonal beverages and beautiful cherry-blossom themed merchandise.

New and returning seasonal beverages include the Starbucks® Cherry Blossom White Chocolate, Starbucks® Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew, and Starbucks® Strawberry Delight Yogurt Blended.

  • Starbucks® Cherry Blossom White Chocolate brings back a long-time favorite, with smooth strawberry and cherry milk flavors combined with the taste of cherry blossoms.  
  • Starbucks® Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew creates a beautiful image inspired by cherry blossoms against the night sky. A combination of sweet white chocolate and the clean taste of cold brew with bergamot make this seasonal treat a dreamy delight.
  • Starbucks® Strawberry Delight Yogurt Blended is a rich and creamy reimagining the Starbucks® Strawberry Yogurt blended beverage, made with real yogurt and fruity blend of strawberry and raspberry sauce.

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Starbucks dedicates its 9th Community Store in South Korea