Starbucks Korea introduces plant-based menu

Today, Starbucks Coffee Korea announces four new plant-based menu items available at stores across South Korea starting February 25. The new menu includes:

  • Chocolate Fudge Cake, featuring a rich chocolatey ganache made with dark chocolate and soymilk.
  • Potato Bagel, a savory delight made with organic flour, organic sugar and domestic potatoes.
  • Mexican Rice Burrito, richly flavored with plant-based protein.
  • Sweet Chili Ciabatta, a delicious chewy bread made with tofu crumble.

The new line-up in Korea joins a growing number of plant-based menu items offered to Starbucks customers in Asia and around the world. Starbucks continues to observe the dominant shift in consumer behavior toward more plant-based choices as a top trend and focus area for the business. Expanding Starbucks plant-based menu globally is one of the ways the company is pursuing its goal to reduce its carbon footprint, as environmentally friendly menu items contribute to Starbucks global aspiration to be a resource-positive company.

Starbucks has offered soymilk at stores across Korea since 2005, and began introducing select seasonal beverages made with oatmilk in 2017.

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Oleato™ Beverages Arrive at Select Starbucks Stores in China