Starbucks Korea eliminates disposable cups at 12 stores in Seoul

Reusable to-go cups from Starbucks Korea

As part of Starbucks global goal to reduce waste sent to landfill by 50% by 2030, this April Starbucks Coffee Korea pledged to eliminate disposable cups across the market by 2025. Following a successful transition to reusable cups across four stores in Jeju, which diverted an estimated 200,000 disposable cups from landfills in the first three months, Starbucks Coffee Korea today announced that an additional 12 stores in the Seoul area will introduce a reusable to-go cup program, eliminating single-use cups at those stores. All handcrafted beverages served at the stores will be provided in dine-in mugs, clean personal cups, or reusable cups. When returned, used to-go cups are professionally cleaned by a third-party before being returned to circulation. Starbucks Coffee Korea expects the Seoul program to divert about 500,000 disposable cups by the end of year.

In December, Starbucks Coffee Korea will add a Venti size to the reusable to-go cup program, and extend coverage to all stores in Jeju. The company plans to use exclusively reusable cups at all stores in Seoul by end of summer next year. Combined, the Seoul and Jeju programs are expected to divert over 100 million disposable cups from landfills annually.  

Reusable to-go cups from Starbucks Korea
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