Starbucks introduces cold cups made with recycled content in Indonesia

Today, Starbucks announces all Starbucks stores in Indonesia will gradually transition to cold cups made with rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Incorporating recycled material into the supply chain will eliminate the equivalent of over 200,000 kilograms of virgin plastic per year across over 460 stores in Indonesia, reaffirming the company’s commitment to contribute to Starbucks global aspiration to be a resource-positive company. Starbucks will become the first major food and beverage retailer in Indonesia to switch completely to rPET.

“Through the Greener Nusantara initiative, Starbucks Indonesia has been focused on rolling out multiple programs in support of reducing waste across Indonesia. As part of the community, our company is committed to creating positive impact to the communities we serve in sustainable ways,” said Anthony McEvoy, leader of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia. “We will continue our Greener Nusantara initiative and strive to seek breakthroughs in maintaining sustainability.”

In 2020, the company eliminated over 30 million straws through the introduction of the strawless lid for iced beverages. The shift to rPET plastic cups and lids today will further contribute to plastic waste reduction as they are recycled into a new rPET packaging instead of going to the landfill. Currently, all Starbucks stores are also using recycled content packaging such as paper shopping bags, napkins and cup sleeves.

“Together with all partners (employees) in every store across Indonesia, we will focus on continuous improvement for our sustainability commitment in Indonesia” said Avolina Raharjanti, general manager, corporate pr and communications, PT Sari Coffee Indonesia. “In 2021, we are consistently looking and reviewing opportunities focusing on waste reduction and reusage of our coffee grounds. By carrying out these initiatives, we hope to inspire everyone to be responsible in their own communities.”

Starbucks continues to explore innovative ways to reduce single-use plastics and waste in stores throughout Indonesia. Since the launch of the “Bring Your Own Tumbler” program over 12 years ago, Starbucks stores in Indonesia has been encouraging customers to bring their own cups or tumblers by offering Rp5,000 discount.

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