Tata Starbucks enters Rajasthan with two new stores in Jaipur

Tata Starbucks Private Limited today announced its entry into Rajasthan with the opening of two new stores in its capital city, Jaipur. Its entry into the ‘Pink City of India’ marks an important milestone and continues to build on the company’s long-term commitment to India, where it serves local communities across 224 stores in 19 cities. Located in the city’s most prominent areas, C- scheme and Malviya Nagar, the new Jaipur stores will offer customers an authentic Starbucks Experience as the company thoughtfully expands its presence across India.

“Opening our doors in Rajasthan is a great moment of pride for us at Tata Starbucks. Rajasthan is known for its warmth and hospitality and our goal is to create a welcoming Third Place experience for Jaipur’s discerning customers and vibrant communities, providing them a signature Starbucks Experience”, said Sushant Dash, ceo, Tata Starbucks Pvt. Ltd . “I would like to thank our partners (employees) for their passion, commitment and continued support.”

The two new Starbucks stores in Jaipur are inspired by the city’s opulent royal past, rich cultural heritage and local art. Drawing inspiration from the grand architectural masterpieces of Jaipur, the interior design of the C-scheme store is filled with elements reminiscent of the city’s historic landscape. The light and colourful palette in the store strikes a balance between joyful nostalgia and a contemporary coffeehouse atmosphere with thoughtful, local, custom-made artworks integrated into the interior of the store. The craft bar takes center stage with a large area for the brand’s signature merchandise and an offering of Nitro Cold Brew for customers looking for a velvety-smooth coffee experience. Beyond the bar at the intimate seating room are 12 custom pottery plates inspired by Jaipur’s famous blue pottery, with each plate telling a story of the coffee growing process.

Much like the Starbucks store at C-scheme, the Malviya Nagar store has a grand entrance, decorated with arches created as a modern interpretation of traditional Jaipur architecture, giving customers a warm welcome. Customers are greeted to the craft bar that is accompanied by a striking, hand-painted mural, illustrating a coffee landscape that beautifully tells the Starbucks brand story of coffee farming. At the intimate banquette area, a Rajasthani textile installation handcrafted by Jaipur-based artisans and depicting the iconic Starbucks Siren is featured in celebration of the local culture in Rajasthan interspersed with the brand’s heritage.

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