Beautiful new store features traditional Japanese design

Starbucks has opened a beautiful new store in Oharai-machi, a flourishing town near the famous Ise Jingu shrine, a famous site with a history of nearly 2,000 years.

The Ise Naiku-mae store is located along the historical Oharai-machi street, and is designed to fit seamlessly into the winding cobblestone streets lined with traditionally-designed buildings. The store features a traditional Edo-era facade, elegant Japanese shop door curtains at the entrance, and onigawara, Japanese gargoyle tiles, to decorate the roof.

The two-story wooden building blends with the local landscape. On the upper floor, quiet spaces set apart from the busy street offer a tranquil place for customers to enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying both rich natural views and windows overlooking the beautiful townscape.

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Digital Starbucks Cards now available in Japan