Starbucks Expands Plant-Based Choices in Asia

New plant-based food and drinks from Starbucks in Asia

Today, Starbucks announces the introduction of new plant-based food and beverage options in select markets across Asia. Starting in September, Starbucks is adding two new seasonal plant-based handcrafted beverages, the Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato and Almondmilk Hazelnut Latte to store menus in 8 markets, as well as plant-based food choices at stores in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. New plant-based milk options will remain available as part of core menu offerings in around 7 markets across Asia following the seasonal promotion.

The new lineup in Asia joins a growing number of plant-based menu items offered to Starbucks customers around the world. As customer demand for plant-based choices increases, Starbucks remains committed to expanding plant-based food and beverage offerings in locally-relevant ways, as environmentally friendly menu items contribute to Starbucks global aspiration to be a resource-positive company.

"We're thrilled to offer our customers more ways to personalize their Starbucks Experience and enjoy plant-based choices at Starbucks," said Sara Trilling, president, Starbucks Asia Pacific. "This menu expansion is designed to offer our customers the same flavors and handcrafted service they know and love from Starbucks, in a new way. We're excited to continue our journey toward becoming resource positive together with our customers in Asia."

According to Euromonitor, a global market intelligence company that tracks customer trends, the Asia Pacific region stands out as the largest region for plant-based milk options due to well established traditions in local food culture.

"A new wave of plant-based food and beverage products are making inroads in Asia and will continue to develop over the next few years, driven by customer interest in healthier lifestyles and eco-conscious behaviors,” said Maria Mascaraque, Industry Manager at Euromonitor. “Plant-based options such as soy are strongly ingrained in Asian culture, meaning innovation is key to meeting the taste preferences of consumers seeking out new flavors and modern takes on traditional diets.”

Classic beverages crafted with plant-based milk

Starbucks has created plant-based versions of two classic Starbucks favorites – cocoa and hazelnut – in addition to new customization choices with oatmilk, almondmilk and coconutmilk (available only in select markets). The new plant-based beverages include:

Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato: Our signature espresso pairs perfectly with smooth, creamy oatmilk and vanilla syrup, topped with a drizzle of rich cocoa sauce. The Oatmilk Cocoa Macchiato is available as a hot or iced handcrafted beverage by request.

Almondmilk Hazelnut Latte: A beloved Starbucks favorite handcrafted with naturally creamy almondmilk, Starbucks® signature espresso and rich and nutty hazelnut syrup, topped with a sprinkle of crunchy almonds.  The Almondmilk Hazelnut Latte is available as a hot or iced handcrafted beverage by request.

New plant-based food choices in Starbucks stores across Asia

Each of Starbucks new plant-based food offerings was developed locally to suit the tastes and preferences of local customers. The new items will arrive in participating stores throughout September, including:

  • In Hong Kong, the Maize Impossible™ Sandwich, the Spiced Impossible™ Puff, and vegan chocolate bread stick.
    • Sandwiched between maize bread, the delectable Maize Impossible™ Sandwich combines a layer of mayonnaise with six fillings including the delicious Impossible™ Sausage Made from Plants, egg, cheese, onions, roasted pumpkin and salad vegetables.
    • Wrapped in crunchy golden pastry puff, the Spiced Impossible™ Puff packs savory ground Impossible™ Burger with red onions mixed with Siracha Chili Sauce, topped with a sprinkle of chili flakes and black pepper.
    • Vegan Chocolate Bread Stick is a simple and delicious bake of vegan chocolate chips and bread.
  • In New Zealand, the new plant-based Mince & Cheese Pie is the perfect reimagining of a Kiwi classic, rich in flavor and encased in flaky golden pastry.
  • In Singapore, the Impossible™ Wrap features a plant-based Impossible™ Burger patty, avocado omelet, mushroom, caramelized onion and cheese.
  • In Taiwan, the Beyond Meat® Bolognese Penne, the Beyond Meat® Sausage Sandwich, and the Beyond Meatball Sandwich.
    • The Beyond Meat® Bolognese Penne features sautéed Beyond Meat® mince simmered with spiced Italian tomato sauce atop rich layers of penne noodles, cauliflower and shimeji mushrooms.
    • The Beyond Meat® Sausage Sandwich features a tasty Beyond Meat® patty mixed with mushrooms and chopped broccoli on a soft bread roll. Layers of fresh tomato, cheese, mushrooms, stir-fried shredded onions, and smoked bacon-flavored mayonnaise add a refreshing and aromatic twist.
    • The Beyond Meatball™ Sandwich features hand-rolled meatballs made from Beyond Meat® mixed with mushrooms and chopped broccoli, and seasoned with Italian spices. The combination of soft French bread, juicy plant-based meatballs, green broccoli and stir-fried shredded onions, is paired deliciously with a spicy chicken mustard sauce.
  • In Thailand, the Beyond Meat™ Sandwich features a delicious Beyond Meat® patty topped with yellow cheddar cheese and Thousand Island sauce on an artisanal ciabatta roll.

For availability in your market, please visit your local Starbucks menu online or check on your Starbucks® App.

Learn more about Starbucks sustainability initiatives here.

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