New Starbucks in Tokyo features dedicated space for focus

On July 30, Starbucks opened a new store in central Tokyo designed in partnership with Think Lab, creators of an innovative solo working space based on research into the science of concentration. The second floor of the store includes enclosed solo working areas as well as an area for collaborative meetings called the Smart Lounge™, equipped with projectors and semi-private tables designed with teleconferences in mind. Customers can reserve a space at either the group and solo working areas through Think Lab’s smartphone app, and then pick up their Starbucks orders from the first-floor café using Mobile Order and Pay on the Starbucks app.

The specially designed contactless hand-off counter provides customers with safe, familiar and convenient Starbucks Experience while they connect virtually with colleagues or friends in the focus areas upstairs.

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Tata Starbucks opens its 400th store in India