New Beijing Signing Store shares love for coffee and connection

Partner at new Beijing Signing Store presents handcrafted beverage

Opened on September 4, 2020, Starbucks newest Signing Store in Beijing, China, is the second in the market and sixth for the company globally.

Around the world, Starbucks Signing Stores expand career and leadership opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing partners. The stores are enduring symbols of Starbucks global commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, and serve as hubs for Deaf culture in the communities they operate in. As part of this mission, the Beijing Signing Store will host sign language lessons and regular coffee workshops in sign language.

Here are stories from three partners at the new Beijing Signing Store:

Ring C.

Favorite Starbucks® drink: Sumatra

Prior to joining Starbucks, Ring was an IT worker and 4D modeler. He resigned from his previous job to pursue a career that would give him more opportunities to communicate with others. When he talks about his future plans, he says he'd like to become a shift supervisor.

"In my previous job I didn’t have many chances to interact with others, but the work atmosphere at Starbucks is completely different. I wanted to train myself and improve my communication skills."

QiuYue S.

Favorite Starbucks® drink: Latte

"Her smile stood out from the first moment,” said Jasmin, the store manager of Beijing Signing Store.

With a smile and a handwriting pad, Qiuyue says: “I love this store because not only can I learn about coffee, but also meet new friends.” Qiuyue is full of confidence to her future.

“I believe I can figure it out, because the Signing Store is my second home and I have always been received with love and support from my partners.”

Rain Z.

Favorite Starbucks® drink: Pour-over Coffee

A partner for nearly a year, Rain loves dancing and has lots of experiences being on stage. His passion for connecting with others led him to join Starbucks, where he worked tirelessly to become a master barista and share his love of coffee with his partners and customers.

When he heard about the launch of the Signing Store in Beijing, Rain was very excited and eager to apply to join the team.

“At Starbucks, I've got a lot of help from partners, and at the Signing Store, I hope I can help more Deaf and hard of hearing partners start their careers in something they love.”

Starbucks has also started a long-term partnership with the Beijing Disabled Persons’ Federation to help create more career development opportunities for members of the city’s Deaf and hard of hearing community, including employment counselling, job skills training and other career support.

For customers, the Signing Store offers a unique ordering experience, including two-way digital displays to show orders and customization details to both partner and customer simultaneously, and an electronic screen above the bar which displays order status. Every beverage and food item in the menu is numbered, making ordering more convenient. Customers may also make orders by writing on a tablet.

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