Japan Coffee Ambassador’s creations connect customers to baristas

Starbucks Japan’s newest seasonal beverages were developed by Mayumi Aiso, a 10-year partner and store manager who is also Japan’s latest Coffee Ambassador. Mayumi developed the Double Shot Caramel Latte and Iced Mousse Caramel Latte with flavors inspired by her daily interactions with customers and the special connection she shared with each as a barista.

"What I was most passionate about during my invention process was to leave space for personalization," Mayumi said. "The empty half of the foamed milk is what bridges the customer and the barista. Customers can choose a topping for that space to customize their latte depending on their mood or inspiration they get from our baristas."

“This is a latte that customers and baristas work together to complete, one cup at a time. I hope that these beverages will bring an opportunity for everyone to connect over their love of coffee and open a new door.”

Starbucks Japan’s newest seasonal beverages