Cherry blossom season arrives in Japan

Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom 2020 beverages

New to the Starbucks menu in Japan starting February 15, cherry blossom-themed beverages arrive alongside sustainable merchandise and an enchanting in-store Augmented Reality (AR) experience to welcome the arrival of spring.


Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom 2020 beverages

Sakura Milk Pudding Frappuccino® blended beverage: Featuring a luscious milk pudding subtly flavored with cherry leaf extract, blended with milk and strawberry sauce. Crispy petal-inspired rice cracker topping adds to the flowery character of the beverage. The colorful pink gradation inside the cup represents cherry blossom petals dancing in the air.

Sakura Milk Latte: A gently sweet non-coffee beverage with strawberry sauce blended into warm milk, perfect for a crisp day outside with the budding blossoms.


As part of Starbucks passion for sustainable coffee, served sustainably, Starbucks Japan is offering customers more ways to help reduce waste and protect the environment. Customers in Japan can enjoy this exclusive reusable cup set featuring five cups in pastel gradients and elegant cherry blossom motifs, the perfect gift to share with friends and family. Customers can bring one of these cups, or any other reusable tumblers, into their participating local Starbucks and receive a 20 yen discount on their beverage order.


The first phase of this year’s Sakura Series merchandise is inspired by a gentle spring breeze, with cherry blossom petals dancing in the air on a warm spring day. The collection includes tumblers, mugs, a unique Starbucks Card, and a patterned picnic mat perfect for a spring outing.


Step into a participating Starbucks store in Japan this season and experience a gentle fall of petals before your eyes through the AR camera function on your smartphone. Filters feature three famous varieties of cherry blossom, including Shidare, Somei and Yae. No need to download an app, simply scan the QR code available at the in-store display. Check out the hashtag #StarbucksSakura2020 on Instagram to see more!

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