Starbucks Launches Bar Mixato in Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai

Mixology beverages at Bar Mixato in Shanghai Reserve Roastery

New mixology offering elevates nighttime experience at China’s coffee wonderland by blending specialty coffee craftsmanship with cocktail artistry

Shanghai, CHINA — Starbucks today announced the new addition of Bar Mixato to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai, further elevating the multi-sensory experience of China’s coffee wonderland. Starbucks unique interpretation of the modern café and bar experience, Bar Mixato brings together the craftsmanship of specialty coffee and the artistry of cocktail concoctions to offer a novel nighttime third-place experience that will enthrall coffee lovers and bar-goers alike. It features a full bar menu, which includes the global debut of 11 innovative coffee- and tea-based cocktails specially created and available only at the Shanghai Roastery.

“The Roastery has been at the forefront of innovation since its opening two years ago, epitomizing Starbucks relentless efforts to create imaginative new experiences that exceed customers’ expectations,” said Belinda Wong, chairman and chief executive officer, Starbucks China. “The launch of Bar Mixato elevates the nighttime third-place experience with the exquisite fusion of coffee and cocktail art, to delight customers with unique Starbucks Experiences throughout the day. As Starbucks Innovation Lab in China, we will continue to leverage the Starbucks Reserve Roastery to pilot and gradually scale new products and offerings that our Chinese customers love.”

Bar Mixato extends Starbucks passion for coffee to the theater of cocktail mixology, conjuring new creative expressions of coffee, while adding a novel dimension to cocktails to meet the discerning tastes and growing thirst for unique experiences among consumers in China. Customers at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery may now enjoy Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee expertly handcrafted by Starbucks Coffee Masters by day, and connect over coffee- and tea-inspired cocktails mixed with precision by Starbucks Mixologists by night. Altogether, Starbucks has launched seven Bar Mixatos at Starbucks Reserve stores across Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen since the concept was first introduced in China in May.

Located on the second floor of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, the bar was personally designed by Starbucks global design officer, Liz Muller. It is helmed by Timothee Becqueriaux, winner of the globally prestigious 2019 Chivas Bartender Competition (China region), and his team of more than 20 talented Mixologists, who are not only experts in cocktail mixing, but also coffee and tea aficionados. From the use of ingredients to mixing techniques, they have reinterpreted traditional cocktails to create drinks with unique taste and aesthetic profiles, providing an unprecedented sensory experience for customers.

Headlining the comprehensive bar menu are 11 unique coffee- and tea-based cocktails specially created by Starbucks China in collaboration with leading bartenders in the industry. Classic cocktails, Italian aperitivo, wine, draft beer and mocktails are also available, as is a thoughtfully curated selection of complementary food choices that customers can pair with their favorite cocktails. The menu will be refreshed quarterly based on the flavors of new Starbucks Reserve coffees.

Since opening in December 2017, the Roastery has played a leading role in Starbucks retail innovation, incubating new offerings such as Modern Mixology, a new beverage category boasting natural fruit ingredients. With the addition of Bar Mixato, the Roastery will expand to serve as the hub for Starbucks cocktail innovation, before launching to other Bar Mixato locations nationwide.

Featured beverages: Matcha Drama (left), Nitro Coffee Martini (right)

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