Starbucks Japan Kicks off Frappuccino Season with Creative New Beverage

For many, the appearance of Frappuccino® blended beverages in their distinctive dome-shape lids signals the return of warmer weather. This year, Starbucks Japan is celebrating the arrival of “Frappuccino season” with a unique new beverage.

Beginning April 13, participating Starbucks® stores in Japan will offer the new American Cherry Pie Frappuccino® blended beverage for a limited time, inspired by the flavors of cherry pie à la mode.

The beverage is made with a blended vanilla-flavored crème base, pie crumbles and cherry compote topped with whipped cream. But in place of a traditional lid, the beverage is served with a dome-shaped pie crust. As the straw pierces through the drink, the crust adds a crunchy texture to the creamy vanilla and sweet-tart cherry flavors of the beverage.

Since serving its first Frappuccino beverage in 1996, Starbucks Japan has offered some of the company’s most creative blended beverage flavors, including Fruits-on-Top, Cantaloupe Melon & Cream, Hojicha with Earl Grey Jelly, Chocolate Brownie Matcha Green Tea, Tiramisu and Baked Apple.

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Starbucks and Miffy Bring Spring Joy to Singapore