Marking the Year of the Monkey at Starbucks Stores in Asia

Many believe that celebrations for Lunar New Year began as early as 14th century B.C. when China’s Shang Dynasty was in power. Today this holiday is one of the world’s most significant cultural celebrations.

Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, begins on the second new moon after the winter solstice and lasts for 15 days. The calendar and festivities follow the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Every year, families gather to celebrate, greet one another with blessings and share wishes for fortune and luck. Married couples give out “lai see” or "hongbao," which are red packets containing money. This symbol of good luck is thought to ward off evil spirits. Lion dances and fireworks are also customary.

This year’s celebration marks the Year of the Monkey. Those born under this sign are said to be clever, cheerful and creative, which prompted Starbucks to create a festive line of products to celebrate the season. A limited supply of Lunar New Year merchandise can be found at Starbucks stores in Asia.

Lunar New Year Monkey Mug

An inquisitive white monkey looks out from the side of this red ceramic mug in embossed 3D detail. The tail curls around the mug, while an arm forms the mug’s handle. It has a painted glaze exterior and yellow interior, while gold-colored vines add beautiful metallic accents.

Lunar New Year Mug and Coaster Set

This red ceramic coffee mug is dipped in a glossy glaze and features a full-wrap decal with metallic gold-colored vines and lantern art. The accompanying wood coaster is laser-etched with the Starbucks® name and comes with a playful monkey figurine.

Nesting Monkey Three-Mug Set

The outer red ceramic mug has a curled handle that forms the monkey’s tail and the Starbucks® name debossed on the side. The middle ceramic mug holds eight fluid-ounces and is debossed with a transparent flow glaze to create a lovely golden texture. The interior white ceramic mug holds six fluid-ounces and forms a monkey’s head, revealing an abstract face and two protruding ears that serve as handles.

Year of the Monkey Tumbler

Bursts of red and white fireworks and geometric shapes add to the celebratory look of the coffee tumbler, while the double-wall construction helps keep hands cool and dry. These tumblers feature a red flip-top lid to help minimize spills.

Lunar New Year Starbucks Card

Ring in the Year of the Monkey. Commemorate Chinese New Year with this special-edition Starbucks Card.

Year of the Monkey Bank

Dipped in a glossy red glaze, this monkey-shaped bank features a metallic gold-colored vine detail. The Starbucks® name is printed next to the coin slot near the back of the monkey’s head.

Monkey Bearista Bear

Dressed like a monkey with a removable hood, this soft, giftable bear features a festive pattern of colors on paws and ears, while an embroidered patch adorns its tummy.

Starbucks Glass

Tradition meets elegance with this chic glass mug with an abstract pattern and yellow and white floral design.

Red Packets

Celebrate with these festive small envelopes that feature a red monkey on the cover.

Celebrate with these festive small envelopes featuring a red monkey on the cover.

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Starbucks Korea teams up with NCT to bring the summer fizz