Starbucks Offers its First Coffee from Vietnam

Coffee came to Vietnam in the 1800s, brought by the French up to the mountains of Vietnam’s Lam Dong Province. The volcanic soil and cooling mists of the Central Highlands made it the ideal land for coffee. Its anchoring city, Da Lat was known as “The City of Eternal Spring,” with its temperate weather a welcome respite from the tropical weather of the bustling cities near the coast.

Although Vietnam today is one of the world’s top exporters of robusta coffee, its specialty-grade arabica coffee has thrived in its mountains for more than 150 years. Now Starbucks is offering its first single-origin coffee from the country with Starbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat.

“When we received a sample of this coffee, we were delighted at the quality,” said Leslie Wolford, senior coffee specialist for Starbucks. “Vietnam Da Lat has a bright refreshing acidity highlighting kola nut, toffee, and vanilla. It is excellent as espresso, brewed coffee, or even cold brew.”

Patricia Marques, a 13-year Starbucks partner based in Ho Chi Minh City, has served as general manager for Starbucks Vietnam since the company opened its first store in 2013.

“Vietnam has a very long and proud coffee history,” Marques said. “People here prefer a strong, thick coffee with full body. They enjoy coffee at a very slow pace, sitting outside and having conversation with others.”

Did you know?

The packaging for Starbucks Reserve® Vietnam Da Lat was inspired by the close proximity of the farms to the city of Da Lat. The city’s French Art Deco style architecture is reflected through bold, geometric shapes of the design. The gold texture represents the ever-present mist that sits amongst the city and its surrounding pine forests.

About Starbucks Reserve Coffee

Each Starbucks Reserve® coffee is sourced from small lots in coffee-growing regions in Latin America, Africa and Asia Pacific, and every coffee has a signature roast profile to bring out its unique flavors. These coffees are roasted with care, at the Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, to enhance their peak flavor expression. They are available in limited supply in select Starbucks® stores or through subscription.